Amherst Label renews commitment to green label printing

Amherst Label embarks on a new green printing certification, renewing our commitment to the environment.

Amherst Label has applied for SGP Certification, replacing our LIFE environmental certification. Here’s what it’s all about.

What does SGP mean?

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership

Why SGP?

Amherst Label earned environmental-certification in 2015 through the Tag and Label Manufacturers’ Institute (TLMI). At the time, we were one of only 19 companies in North America to achieve the Label Initiative for the Environment (LIFE) certification. Now, TLMI has discontinued its LIFE program in favor of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) Program. SGP covers labels as well as other kinds of printing. In order to continue demonstrating Amherst Label’s commitment to the environment, we will pursue SGP certification.

More about SGP

SGP was created by the printing industry specifically for the printing industry. SGP Partnership is the leading non-profit accreditation organization that promotes sustainability in printing practices and manufacturing operations. It takes into account the entire print facility, its process, product and social areas. (From  

Where are we in the SGP process?

Jim Cutler submitted our application on January 9, 2019, and we have been accepted into the SGP program. Acceptance is just the beginning. Jim will be spending many hours compiling all the information required to complete the data entry phase of the certification process.
Eventually, an onsite audit by a third party/independent auditor will be conducted to review our qualifications, expected to happen later this year.
In between, Jim envisions meetings about continuous improvement at which issues are identified and solutions pursued by teams of Amherst Label people. 

SGP as an opportunity

“SGP is going to drive us in our continuous improvement efforts,” says Jim, a great step forward for Amherst Label and our Painted Picture goals. To jumpstart this continuous improvement initiative, Scott and Doug are headed to Dallas in April for the Printing Industries of America (PIA) conference, “Striving for Peak Performance.” 
Following the April conference, Scott and Doug will share what they learn with the Amherst Label team and help us all continue to “focus on progress.”


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