Ideas on Creativity and Innovation from TLMI

AngelaTalkAt the 2018 TLMI meeting this fall, Angela Calvetti Hornor and VP Nye Hornor from Amherst Label were very impressed with Josh Linkner’s presentation entitled “Harness Creativity & Innovation to Win.”

Angela compiled her notes and Josh Linkner’s presentation links and shared the insights with Amherst Label employees at a Lunch & Learn in November. The ideas are so universal, we are sharing them here, with all credit to Josh Linkner and the creators of the materials in the links below. We hope you are inspired!

Be creative in the daily context of work.
Leverage human creativity. We can’t rely on models of the past for success of tomorrow!
Be a Disruptor. Innovator. Artist. Entrepreneur.

5 Core Mindsets of Innovators

1) Every barrier can be penetrated if you throw enough imagination at it.
Three inspiring examples:

• A Canada Air flight is stranded on the tarmac for hours, with no food, and no drinks. Nothing can be done, according to the Canada Air staff. An airline pilot from another airline delivers pizza and says, “Hey guys. I’m from WestJet and we do things differently, want some pizza?’” The story
•  Socc it Invention by an innovator named Jessica Matthews. A remote area in Nigeria has no electricity but lots of human energy. Jessica Matthews and her team create a solution. The story. 
• The Troy Library is on the verge of being shut down. Their creative solution to their problem is totally unexpected. The story. 

“Man who says it can’t be done
should not disrupt man getting it done.”

2) Video killed the radio star: Celebrate and make room for something new.
Ben and Jerry’s has a funeral for flavors it no longer makes. Flavor graveyard for dearly de-pinted. Badge of honor for no longer popular flavors or products. The story.

Business Funeral – make room for something new. What are the empty closets in our field? Saying goodbye to something that doesn’t serve you makes room for something new.

Borrow ideas from other industries.

KMART – “Ship your pants.” The story. 
Went out of comfort zone, had huge success out of comfort zone. Need to double down on change and see it all the way through.

3) Seek the Unexpected. Go with option X.

When faced with a problem or challenge, don’t automatically go to “We could do a, b or c.” Take it further: What about option d or e?
Bananas• Banana problem: When people buy bananas by the bunch, they ripen at the same time. So none of the bananas are ready at first and many are over-ripe before they can all be consumed. What if someone packaged bananas at different stages of ripeness?

• Audi and BMW billboard competition. “Your move BMW.” BMW answers with Checkmate and it goes on… The story. 

• Problem: To reduce shipping damages, a Dutch bike company printed a television on their boxes.

• Avery’s Beverage let go of the past and embrace future

4) The Judo Flip: What would happen if you took a challenge and flipped it upside down?
American Ninja Warrior
Cannonball alley – Kevin bull “Change the rules to get the jewels”
Monopoly cheaters edition – cheating became such a part of the game Monopoly went with it and the Cheater’s Edition is the most popular yet. The story.

What rules can you break? Time, place, people, cost, materials, perspective?

5) Fall 7 times, stand 8

Don’t let setbacks define us. Persistence, more creativity and tenacity.

“If you aren’t stumbling you aren’t going hard enough.”

Example – Jack from China –rise from ashes – couldn’t get a job at KFC – now a billionaire who owns Amazon of China. The story. 
Ideas are contagious – creative vibe, create momentum – opportunity more profound.


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