The Moving Wall

Amherst Label is proud to be part of this wonderful cause

Edited 7/24, added these three photos by Bob Hug showing the Wall

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More Information about the Moving Wall coming to Amherst, NH

When the Vietnam Memorial Wall comes to Amherst, NH, this week, employees of Amherst Label will visit alongside other residents of our region. We are proud of the small part we played in helping this event happen.

WallDecalAmherst Label owner Nick Calvetti was approached last winter about donating a decal to the 5k fundraising event and didn’t hesitate to help. Here’s the original request from Theresa Grella:

Happy New Year Nick,
My mother has been working diligently to bring the Moving Wall to Amherst and it will arrive on July 19th at Souhegan High School. As a fundraiser for the event, I am organizing a 5k road race on Friday, June 15th. We would like to give something special to the Active Military and Veterans that register for the race…. Is this something that you could do and be able to donate to the cause? 

In an email responding to Theresa Grella, Nick wrote: “We can definitely do something!”

In marketing, we designed a decal reflecting the event’s website look. Art was prepared by our art department and the following approval was received. Brenda Gonzalez, an event volunteer, wrote, “This looks wonderful. I spoke with Theresa and she approves as well. Thank you for your work on this project!”

The small but snazzy decals were run on our state-of-the-art Domino UV digital press, still the only one in New England. Brenda came to pick up the decals the week of the 5k fundraising event.

It felt important to me to try to participate in the race. After designing the decal and becoming a fan of the project and its purpose, I wanted to support the cause. Running isn’t easy for me so in a way, I was giving my all to the cause.

I realized that my entry fee was helpful but wanted to do more. So I sent a challenge email to others at Amherst Label and we ended up having four of us in the race. Our boss, Nick Calvetti, as a veteran himself, bestowed upon us our medals as we crossed the finish line. It was a pretty spectacular night in downtown Amherst.

I found a line in an email I wrote last winter after I was asked to help produce the decal that sums up the experience perfectly: “Thank you for letting us be part of this wonderful cause.”

Four of us from the Amherst Label family ran in the fundraising race on June 15 in downtown Amherst, NH.


Amherst Label owner Nick Calvetti, a US Army veteran, presented medals at the patriotic finish line.


Vietnam Memorial Wall fundraising lwindow decal
Vietnam Memorial Wall fundraising window decal proof

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