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A love of labels and people was at the heart of Amherst Label’s founding in 1978 so a Valentine’s Day kick-off for our 40th anniversary celebration was a perfect fit.

The company gathered in the cafeteria in front of a new banner honoring “Art & Innovation,” both near and dear to the label makers. Virtually every product manufactured at Amherst Label—tags, decals, flexible packaging, medical labels, beverage labels and lots more—are prepared in the art department where three artists work. And in its 40 years, Amherst Label has practiced a commitment to innovation, most recently adding the only UV Digital inkjet press in New England.


Celebrating art and innovation was not surprising. What was surprising is the announcement that during the 40th anniversary year, Amherst Label and its president Nick Calvetti will celebrate the art of Nick’s Uncle Stanley, the renowned local painter  Stanley Hallett. Married to Nick’s Aunt Eleanore, Hallett generously shared his paintings with the family and a collection of ten Hallett originals is being prepared for an exhibit at the company during the coming year.

Nick recounted the story of his father who in this 50s left his longtime job as an egg distributor to become the first outside sales person for the Wilton label manufacturer, Label Art. After a few tremendously successful years, Calvetti Sr. went out on his own and founded Amherst Label, at an age most people are contemplating retirement. Calvetti was fortunate that his wife was happy to help set up and run an office for the fledgling firm and within a few years, Nick Jr. was willing to give up his career as a CPA in Maine to work with his father.

Thirty seven years later, the company has much to celebrate.


Painting: Stanley Hallett, “Mountain Panorama,” Oil on Paper. In the collection of Angela Calvetti Hornor


Above: Photo by Bob Hug



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