Introducing two new characters to AL’s circle of friends


ValerieVinoJust in time for Valentine’s Day, two new characters have come on the scene to help demonstrate Amherst Label’s affection for producing labels for wineries and distilleries. The characters, VAL and SAL, are featured in a February promotion to wineries and distilleries called “VAL and SAL come to AL for labels.” A little character development follows.

Valerie Vino wants labels for her popular wines. She also needs small quantities for her private label batches. VAL fell in love with AL because in small or large quantities Amherst Label offers A-quality labels. And AL sticks with her from pricing through art, production and delivery. Every detail is important and thats why VAL loves AL.

Saloon SAL distills whiskey and vodka in small volumes but just got a big order from a major distributor. SAL fell in love with AL because in quantities small or large, AL responds. In fact, SAL says AL is the best vendor she has ever had. SAL’s cold press foil labels stand out and shine and whether hand or machine-applied, AL knows the ropes.SalSaloon

Amherst Label specializes in labels. With our new Domino inkjet press we can produce A-quality, beautiful labels in any quantity—even 1! Would texture help your products stand out on the shelf? We love creating labels you can see and feel. And if your product is already flying off the shelf in high volumes, our flexo department excels at large volumes at high speeds.

Service. Delivery. Quality.

If any of these issues prevent you from loving your labels, we can help. For 40 years, we have applied ourselves to delighting our customers. We welcome your challenges. Nationally recognized for quality and innovation, Amherst Label also holds LIFE certification for the environment. Only 29 other label producers have achieved this. But what our customers say about us matters most . . . .

You know your stuff MIT – LINCOLN, MA

Thank you for working with us on this and for the great job Amherst always does! We appreciate all your hard work and attention! HARTFORD COURANT – HARTFORD, CT

Stay tuned to see samples of VAL’s wine labels and SAL’s whiskey labels. Our February mailer features these new characters, their stunning labels, and some gifts to show how much we care.

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