5-Senses Approach to Label Promotion

IMG_3698What is AL’s favorite mint? Hmmm… 

Fresh as a peppermint, Amherst Label’s December promotion poses the question, “What’s AL’s favorite mint?”

For a fellow named AL with a spotted pup named Pal, AL-toids are the obvious choice.

Altoids8.5x5Back)ProspectAhead of the Christmas rush, the mailing team at Amherst Label shipped out dozens of packages of Altoids this week in cheery red envelopes with large “SeasonAL Greetings” labels printed digitally. The packets smelled of curiously strong peppermint and brought holiday “scentiments” to the work area.

Besides smelling great, the Altoids inside rattle in a fun way. Looks great, smells great, feels high-quality, sounds intriguing… and tastes like peppermint. All five senses. Snap.

We hope these promotional packets arouse curiosity in everyone’s in-baskets and entice recipients to take notice of the great offer for 20% off their first order of labels, tags, flexible packaging or specialty printing. And because continued relationships mean everything to us, the offer goes for the second order too!

Extra holiday “To/From” gift labels were included, offering recipients a useful label printed here in flexography. The only printing method we offer not used in this particular mailing is screenprint.

In each of our promotions, we aim to demonstrate our creativity and innovation, as well as our beautiful, useful labels. We also try to use genuine US postage stamps. Stamps are like labels and feature beautiful art and excellent printing.

SkylarXmasSkylar Curtis, our intern turned marketing assistant, makes mailings a breeze. If every marketing department were fortunate enough to have an all-star like Skylar, direct mail would be pure joy. List management, fulfillment, perfectly applied labels and orderly shipping. Sklyar soars.

Look at your labels. Do they make you happy? if you’d like a breath of fresh air, consider giving Amherst Label a try.




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