Amherst Label Google display ads 2017

As Amherst Label launches our first ever digital marketing program partnering with Google Adwords, these are the first round of our display ads. This page is not published in our website navigation; you can only get here by having this link. Bookmarking this page for future reference is recommended.

TripleTechLintLifterCard Use
Banner ad targeted at manufacturers and informed customers


Banner ads REV [Recovered]
Banner ad for general audiences from industrial to specialty


Bottle labels
Banner ad targeted at craft brewers and breweries


Labels made with sunshine
Medium rectangle ad (300×250) targeted at people with fresh products taking off


Banner ad aimed at specialty foods and general audiences
Banner ad targeted at specialty foods and general audiences


Food & Beverage Labels
Medium rectangle ad targeted at custom label markets including food & beverage, personal care and general manufacturing


Water Bottlers Custom Labels
Skyscraper ad targeted at beverage producers, particularly water bottlers


Custom Labels for specialty foods
Skyscraper ad targeted at specialty foods and general foodstuffs markets


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