Label Manufacturer Touts Internships

Our scholar Skylar, graduating from Milford High School, off to study graphic design

Something interesting happens when a decades-old manufacturer of high quality labels welcomes a high school rookie into the organization for a semester. The business gets the opportunity to view itself through the fresh eyes of a neophyte. By teaching a young person what we do, we see areas for improvement. We question things she questions. We open our eyes and wonder with her.

Internships are a big win for both the mentor and mentee, if each has goals that jive with the other’s.

Amherst Label had just produced a comprehensive capabilities kit which needed assembly. Showcasing our exquisite custom labels, we needed seven sample labels applied to 500 brochures. Digital, flexographic, screenprint as well as cold press foil, machine warning labels and safety stickers, food and beverage labels, newspaper front page newsnotes and decals… all needed to be carefully and accurately applied.

Applying seven labels to demonstrate that "everything is better with a label."
Applying seven labels to demonstrate that “everything is better with a label.”


Flexo, Digital and Screenprint labels were designed by intern Skylar Curtis for Amherst Label's handsome new capabilities kits.
Flexo, Digital and Screenprint labels were designed by intern Skylar Curtis for Amherst Label’s handsome new capabilities kits.


In each kit is a pocket containing three glacenes with sample labels of each of our three technologies: flexo, digital and screenprint. The glacenes have a label indicating which process is which. Our intern designed new labels for this purpose, watched the order through the proof stage, and picked up her completed labels in finishing.

A win/win! Amherst Label received top quality assembly work and our intern Skylar Curtis from Milford High School learned about the professions of graphic design and commercial printing.

Along the way, a field trip to the NH Made Expo to chat with specialty foods and beverage producers who might need an excellent label source was way more fun with a young person along. And who could resist late afternoon walks over to Hayward Farms for ice cream? Productivity rewards are good for everyone, right?

Regardless of where an internship manager is in his/her career, the rejuvenating impact of teaching an earnest young person the ropes is rewarding. Getting the projects done well, on time, is important too.

In her final presentation for her internship class at Milford High School, Skylar demonstrated the same attention to detail she showed in her work with us at Amherst Label.

For this mentor, a graduate of the same high school “several” decades ago, this internship was a meaningful demonstration of the circle of life. I couldn’t be happier to see my profession gain a member of such integrity, heart, talent and trainability. We’re from Milford and we couldn’t be prouder.

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