Textured Labels for Bee-Friendly Wildflower Packets

Our Domino Digital UV Press produces honey-comb textured labels for annual seed giveaway

We are in year three of Amherst Label’s seed sharing campaign with the theme, “We’d love to help you GROW your business.” Year one was basil seeds with a pesto recipe from Papa Nick Calvetti. Year two we sent out sunflower seeds to celebrate our new solar array, “Labels made with sunshine.”

And this year, we are acknowledging the significance of bees and our commitment to running a planet-friendly business.

If you didn’t receive a seed packet and would like one—while supplies last—email AL.

The packages feature our sensational new textured labels, created on our new Domino press, which can produce rich textures during the printing process with no additional costs for dies, embossing or art. It is a phenomenal look, and one we hope our customers will use to make products stand out beautifully.


Planting Suggestions for Bee-friendly Wildflower Seeds

When any danger of frost has passed, sow your wild flower seeds in a sunny area where weeds or grass would happily grow. Clear debris and scratch the area to remove old roots but don’t dig too deep. Cast the seeds freely for a natural look. Tamp down enough so the seeds don’t blow away. Moisten for the first few weeks but once the plants establish, they need very little attention. Wildflowers are mostly self-sowing annuals and will drop seeds and die as conditions become too cold or dry. The dropped seeds may generate more in future seasons. Enjoy!

More detailed planting instructions

We got our seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds in Vermont.

When your garden grows, please share pictures with us on Facebook. We love to see our customers succeed!

Textured labels for our bee-friendly wildflower seeds
Textured labels for our bee-friendly wildflower seeds feature AL in honey bee costume. “Bee friendly!”

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