Textured labels create sensation

Textured labels for beverages

Introducing beautiful, textured labels at an affordable price printed on our Domino UV Digital Press













With the only Domino UV Digital press in New England, Amherst Label can produce textured labels with patterns you can see and feel.

Imagine the design possibilities! Ocean waves, sun rays, bricks, checkerboards, honeycombs, wind, water droplets—any texture you can see and feel, we can print digitally. And the real kicker is, the price is affordable. Unlike embossed textures, no dies or extra press time is required. Our digital textures are created inline with an extra layer of dense white ink under the design. And does the technique ever provide punch!

We started our sample prints during the week of Cinco de Mayo and had some fun with the weave of Al’s sombrero. We liked the effect and printed a pile of the holiday stickers, recognizing that we could never get them out to people in time for celebrating the national nacho holiday. We did pass them out to everyone who works here on the actual 5th of May. But we kind of hoped other people wouldn’t be turned off about receiving a Cinco de Mayo mailing on May 10 or so. After all, it is a care-free, imbibing holiday, so maybe it would be ok.

Sample kits with nine different labels were shipped today to about 90 prospective customers, companies with products a textured label would highlight beautifully. Many of the recipients were breweries, so maybe they were too busy pouring ales over the weekend to notice when our packets arrived. Or that they’ll be so wowed by the impact of textured labels that it won’t matter. We certainly would not want to give anyone the mistaken idea that we habitually ship things late. Because on-time delivery is a hallmark of Amherst Label.

Now, in addition to size, shape, design, color and stock choices including metallic, Amherst Label can offer printed texture. It’s a new dimension in label craft and we are proud to be pioneering it in New England.

To receive a sample kit of textured labels, please email us or call 800-458-0777.


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