17 May 2017

Direct Mail in omni-channel marketing

Observations from the recent NEDMA show about what’s new and what’s next in marketing   Anxiety, awe, wonder, fear. If you want a social media post to go viral, according to Neuromarketing expert Nancy Harhut, these are the feelings you want to inspire. And negative superlatives (the worst kind) outperform positive superlatives by 69%. Best […]

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16 May 2017

Textured Labels for Bee-Friendly Wildflower Packets

Our Domino Digital UV Press produces honey-comb textured labels for annual seed giveaway We are in year three of Amherst Label’s seed sharing campaign with the theme, “We’d love to help you GROW your business.” Year one was basil seeds with a pesto recipe from Papa Nick Calvetti. Year two we sent out sunflower seeds to […]

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9 May 2017

Textured labels create sensation

Textured labels for beverages Introducing beautiful, textured labels at an affordable price printed on our Domino UV Digital Press                   With the only Domino UV Digital press in New England, Amherst Label can produce textured labels with patterns you can see and feel. Imagine the design possibilities! […]

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