Award-winning Label Printer

Nye Hornor, Andrea Philbrick and Cody Gardner accept awards on behalf of Amherst Label.


The Amherst Label team is circled.

One thing industrious people do NOT excel at is STOPPING to celebrate accomplishments. High-producing printers are no exception.

Mechanics Hall, Worcester, MA, Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It takes quite a bit of nagging by the marketing department to get award nominees from our customer service and production departments. Projects that thrilled the customers, demonstrate our printing expertise and stand out from the crowd. Everyone is too busy working on new orders from customers to look back at past wins. We count on our VP of manufacturing, Scott Vander-Heyden, to sort through our flashy, impressive collection to select label, tag or flexible packaging that meet award criteria. Angela Hornor in marketing and Pat Condon in sales/customer service are both terrific at spotting the beauties that make their way through the order process. Scott is expert at picking the winners. (Couldn’t resist using the phrase. After all, this is a manufacturing environment and we do have fun.)

The PINE (Printing Industry of New England) Awards last week FORCED us to stop and celebrate. Two Pinnacle Awards came home with the Amherst Label team (below left). In Division II Labels and Wraps, our innovative project for Med Skeds won. For Flexographic printing, our Ithaca Coffee emerald green label with gold foil accents shone. Looking through the awards booklet with photographs of all the winners is a visual delight. Amherst Label is proud to be honored by and among our peers.

In the end though, after all the glamor, goodies and collegiality, even though we are immensely proud to be an award-winning label printer, we still believe the best rewards are seeing our customers achieve their goals.


Thank you to Andrea Philbrick and our friends at PINE and Printing Impressions for these photos of the evening’s festivities.


Below: 2017 Award of Recognition for Division II Web Press Printing, 4 or more colors, uncoated paper. Taza Chocolate. In recognition of superb craftsmanship in the creation, design and production of top-quality printed materials.

Our two Pinnacle Awards


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