Taking the pain out of ordering labels


At Amherst Label, our service philosophy is simple: identify your needs and provide the solution. We are the label company that makes life easier, helping you through ordering, designing, stock and adhesive selection, application and delivery.

We take the pain out of label ordering.

Our triple-tech approach to label manufacturing is one way we can do this. We have three top-of-the-line manufacturing processes to choose from in selecting the best way to produce your job on-time, on-budget and to specifications. Our award-winning screen print department is legendary. Our flexo capabilities cannot be beat. And our new Domino digital department is game-changing.

But bottom line, our people are what set us apart. When it comes to labels, we really apply ourselves. Call me 800-458-0777 and let us show you how everything is better with A LABEL.

Winter greetings from Amherst Label, next to the North Pole in New Hampshire!

Label applications are tricky, with more factors to consider than days in a month.

  • What will your label be used for?
  • What is the surface like—flat? Curved? Smooth? Slippery?
  •  What are the conditions: hot? Cold? Outdoors? Washable?
  • Applied by machine? Which direction?
  • Laminated?
  • Varnished?
  • Foil stamped? Cold foil?
  • Date needed?
  • Delivery where? Bill to? Quantity?
  • etc., etc., etc.

No one would want to navigate the process alone and at Amherst Label, you won’t have to. Any ONE of these questions, answered inaccurately, will mess up the outcome of your order, so we are delighted to hold your hand through the entire process.

Winter weather, harsh seasonal conditions… and heaven forbid you catch the cold going around! If you’re feeling this kind of pain, email us for our Season-AL Remedy: Al’s recommendation AL-oe lip therapy from Vaseline®. Great for chapped skin, labeled with AL showing his brainy side. 





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