Amherst Label Stands Behind Returning Veterans

Veteran Victory Farm

One of five special programs for veterans managed by Veteran Homestead Inc. of Gardner, MA

A one-of-a-kind residential program to help homeless veterans, Veteran Victory Farm offered Amherst Label a chance to directly help address homelessness among our nation’s vets
Two vets: Nick Calvetti of Amherst Label and Stephen Bassett, manager of Veteran Victory Farm, tour the farm one recent wintry day.
These will not be Christmas geese this year but the farm does raise organic turkeys for Thanksgiving as well as produce for its residents and for sale at local farmers’ markets.
The American flag seems to fly a little prouder between the buildings at Veteran Victory Farm. Photo by Angela Hornor

Amherst Label is veteran-owned and managed, and has been for more than three decades. We’ve seen good times and challenging times and do the best we can to help our customers and employees through whatever tough situations arise.

Some of us think the time has come to step up and help fix problems locally and globally. Instead of business-as-usual and only “minding our own business,” we have decided to reach out and help with one problem we really care about. Veterans. Veterans returning from service to our country. Veterans in need of help. Homeless vets. Instead of relying solely on our government to care for these people, we thought we’d get a little involved. Christmastime seemed like a good time to start, because as the Grinch might say, “Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means do a little bit more.”

So here is what we just did.

Our holiday message to customers

This holiday, we wanted to do something larger and more meaningful than ever before—and to do it in partnership with people we value dearly—our customers and employees.

We reached out to Veteran Victory Farm in nearby Fitzwilliam, NH, in a step toward ending homelessness among veterans. This one-of-a-kind residential program involves recovering veterans in structured farm chores, including caring for the horses, cows and chickens, as well as planting and tending the organic gardens on the 80-acre farm.

We are making a significant corporate donation to this wonderful program on your behalf.

Our top 100 customers are also receiving gift boxes which include an American-made picture frame to display something dear, and select confections and comforts from our customers. Identical gifts are going to the residents of Veteran Victory Farm.

We hope you’ll join us in wishing them well. We at Amherst Label truly value your faith in us and look forward to working with you in the New Year for prosperity for all.

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