(Talk like a) Pirate Day is better with A LABEL


Amherst Label Customers Share in Pirate Treasure

When the skull and crossbones flag is run up the flagpole and the Facebook page is changed to language=”Pirate,” we’re ready for our second annual “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” celebration here at Amherst Label.

Facilities and Purchasing Manager Jim Cutler flies the Jolly Roger in anticipation of “Talk Like a Pirate Day” on September 19.

This year’s booty, shared with customers and prospective customers, is a pirate chest full of every seafarer’s favorite, salt water taffy. Molasses, butter rum, peppermint and lime-flavored taffies were handmade in nearby Downtown Wilton, the home of Nelson’s Candies. Nelson’s has been making salt water taffy for over 100 years, including many years at Hampton Beach, before moving inland from the coast.

The red-striped peppermint taffies look like a pirate’s striped red shirt, and the molasses and butter rum choices are obvious. Does anyone know why we chose lime as the fourth flavor? What do pirates and limes have in common? Yes, that is why we chose lime. Email me if you know, or if you want to know!

Amherst Label’s special projects manager, Angela Hornor, leaving Nelson’s with the salt water taffy to fill treasure chests with pirate booty.


The theme of this year’s program, “The KEY to Success” offers a step-by-step map of sorts to ordering labels successfully. The devil is in the details, as it warns. But at Amherst Label, we guide you through the crocodiles and assure your project’s success. The enclosed keychain is a reminder of the key to success, and its flashlight illuminates the way as you search for your life’s treasures.

The package is complete with A LABEL, because OBVIOUSLY… EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH A LABEL! We printed ours digitally and adhered it to raffia because corrugated cardboard is not the best stick-to surface.

Oh the fun we have coming up with these things. Pirate Day> treasure chest> Key to Success> keychain lighting the way> salt water taffy in flavors a pirate would love.

But we aren’t forgetting about talking like a pirate, which is after all the point of the day. Impress your friends by dropping some of these phrases. Better wait until September 19 though. Fair winds!



















The photos below, or in Pirate, “these pleasin to the eye portraits,” were taken by a family visitor, Hillary Sterling, who dropped in from Warner Brothers, Burbank, CA, to see how “Talk Like a Pirate Day” is celebrated in the Nor’east.img_2815 img_2828 img_2846 pirates

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