23 September 2016

Dot Whacks for Impact

 We all know what a Dot Whack is, even if, like me, we don’t recognize the term. It is mildly embarrassing to admit that, despite decades of employment in the marketing field, I had not heard the term “dot whack” until I worked at Amherst Label. Not that I hadn’t designed and ordered dozens of dot […]

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8 September 2016

(Talk like a) Pirate Day is better with A LABEL

Amherst Label Customers Share in Pirate Treasure When the skull and crossbones flag is run up the flagpole and the Facebook page is changed to language=”Pirate,” we’re ready for our second annual “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” celebration here at Amherst Label. This year’s booty, shared with customers and prospective customers, is a pirate chest […]

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