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Amherst Label ready to apply ourselves for water bottlers

A make-believe water bottler label for our outreach mailing

We are what we drink and we humans are about 2/3 water. In the US, we are drinking more and more bottled water, estimated at 34+ gallons per person, per year and the wave is expected to continue.

Americans like the convenience of water on the go, available almost everywhere now. We have come to believe that water is better for us than either sugary or diet soda, and are about to bring the beverage industry to the juncture of water outselling soft drinks. During the last two decades, our individual soda consumption has dropped from 53 to 39 gallons per year while our bottled water consumption has increased from 16 to 34+ gallons per year (Wall Street Journal and Beverage Marketing). Within two years, H2O is expected to take the lead.

Although industry giants Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Nestlé sell billions of dollars in packaged water each year, the bottled water industry tends to be geographically fragmented, offering opportunities for smaller bottlers. Most bottlers are small companies with an average market region radius of 300 miles (according to the International Bottled Water Association, IBWA), locally-owned companies, with “60% reporting less than $2 million in annual gross sales and 90% reporting less than $10 million in annual gross sales.  These are family entrepreneurs with deep roots and strong ties within their communities.”

We New Englanders like local products, giving local bottlers a nifty advantage over industry giants.

Amherst Label serves the Northeast and beyond and has a strong connection with the Northeast Bottled Water Association (NEBWA). This month we reached out to NEBWA members offering our custom labels including: 

• Full-color Polypropylene non-adhesive labels for 12 oz, 16.9 oz and 25 oz bottles

• Adhesive labels for 1-gallon and 2.5-gallon bottles

• Long-lasting vinyl labels with lamination for 5-gallon jugs.

Our experience with water bottlers go back to our founding in the 1970s when the water bottling industry was in its infancy.

Not one to play favorites, instead of using actual label samples to demo our work, we designed a make-believe label for our outreach mailing. As we were developing the mailer and label, we created a make-believe water company. But what to name it? Sales manager Dawn Mahoney seemed like a good person to pick on, and became the namesake of “Dawn Springs” for our pretty water bottle label. Dawn Springs was fictionally founded in 1958 when Dawn sprung.

Everything is better with A LABEL, for example…

• No charge for custom design work

• Our standard sizes save you money.

With nearly four decades of award-winning label and specialty printing experience, Amherst Label has worked with customers on a wide range of beverage industry related projects. Ask us about clings, coasters, tags, double-sided labels, read-through-the-bottle, IRC, or other high-quality specialty printing! We promise to apply ourselves to your challenge and help you make a big splash at point of purchase.

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