Amherst Label marks Million Dollar Month with Ben & Jerry’s

Celebrating Amherst Label’s first Million Dollar Month with a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Social: In the foreground Manufacturing VP Scott Vander-Heyden sports the T-shirt symbolizing the company’s strategic vision. In the background, Ben & Jerry’s serves up old-fashioned ice cream and fixings while owner and president Nick Calvetti and VP Nye Hornor update employees on progress and successes.

Visualize success. Stick to it. —From the Amherst Label Painted Picture

Amherst Label has a three-year strategic plan, called its “Painted Picture.” It’s a 4-minute video and printed worksheet recommended by motivational business guru Cameron Herold, himself a self-made millionaire and favorite speaker at industry conferences. Herold is the best-selling author of Double Double: How to Double Your Revenue and Profit in 3 Years or Less.”

If Herold needs another testimonial, he can get it from the team at Amherst Label. With one year remaining in Amherst Label’s three-year Painted Picture period, all sorts of amazing accomplishments are happening, including:
• A zero defect month in May 2015.
• A first $Million Dollar Month in June 2016
• LIFE Certification (a feat only 19 other companies in North America have achieved) certifying our commitment to the environment.
• Nine quarters of performance-based bonuses in a row (starting two months ahead of the plan’s introduction), an historic streak for Amherst Label.
• The acquisition of a best-in-the-business Domino Digital Inkjet Press, described as nothing less than a “game-changer” by Sales VP Nye Hornor.
• Selected by Google to represent NH in their 2016 Economic Annual Report. Yes, that Google.
• Well on our way to the financial goal set for July 1, 2017.

With a 38-year track record of customer service and passion for the craft of printing, Amherst Label had a good base for growth. Family-owned, veteran-owned. Recognized for excellence in flexographic printing and screen printing with numerous industry awards from TLMI (Tag & Label Manufacturers Association) and others. Well-known to manufacturers in the Northeast for labels, tags, machine plates, safety and hazard stickers and customized specialty printing of many sorts, the company is a proven winner.

Bring it. Together we can accomplish anything. We must work together: vendors, customers and us. Everyone aligned to the goal of succeeding. Everyone focusing on their part.                              

—From the Amherst Label Painted Picture

How does it work? Why does it work? Will it work for everyone? Maybe Cameron Herold could answer these questions.

But the “Midstream Adjustments” addendum to Amherst Label’s Painted Picture–added to the worksheet on a label of course–offers an explanation.

“The better we do, the more doors open to new opportunities.”

—From the Amherst Label Painted Picture

We are a custom manufacturer of labels, stickers and tags “ready for a future filled with accomplishment.” We are “working smarter AND harder… full steam ahead” (quoted from the Painted Picture). All the while though, Amherst Label people do not forget the foundation the custom label company was built upon by founder Nicholas E. Calvetti in 1978. Calvetti was a tough competitor but an especially kindly man who had a good word for everyone.

Today, as the young Ben & Jerry’s staff member left Amherst Label, she interrupted a full company meeting to say, “Thank you guys. I came here last year and I remembered you because you guys are so nice to us.”

Everything is better with Amherst Label.




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