25 July 2016

Amherst Label Captures Six Flags or Vice Versa

The inestimable worth of a traditional company outing For kids growing up in families where one or more parents work in manufacturing, an annual company outing is a big part of the impression the next generation develops of what their parents’ jobs are like. I remember when my father was retiring from a long career at […]

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20 July 2016

Amherst Label marks Million Dollar Month with Ben & Jerry’s

Visualize success. Stick to it. —From the Amherst Label Painted Picture Amherst Label has a three-year strategic plan, called its “Painted Picture.” It’s a 4-minute video and printed worksheet recommended by motivational business guru Cameron Herold, himself a self-made millionaire and favorite speaker at industry conferences. Herold is the best-selling author of Double Double: How to Double Your Revenue and […]

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