Google chooses Amherst Label for Annual Report


Google’s 2015 Economic Impact Report has officially launched. You can see the Amherst Label story by visiting and selecting NH.

Google’s Wendy Gonzalez wrote, “Our favorite part of the report truly is stories like yours, so thank you again. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and having the opportunity to tell your story!” 

And here’s the story….

“We’re moving so quickly with Google and technology.”

Nye Hornor, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Since 1978, the Calvetti family has owned and operated Amherst Label, a custom label printing company serving businesses in the Northeast and beyond. If it needs a label, they’ve got it covered—from custom food and beverage labels, to industrial labeling and window decals. The advent of the Internet presented an opportunity for this traditional print company. “I used to go out and bang on doors and drop off literature,” says Vice President Nye Hornor. But in 1998 they launched their first website. “We’ve grown with the Internet in our marketing mix. Our website keeps us in front of customers and makes us look relevant and professional.”

The Amherst Label team now depends on their website to make it easy for customers to explore the wide variety of products they offer. Google Analytics provides them with insights into how users are interacting with their site and subsequently they’ve made changes to the site that have resulted in more qualified leads. They’ve also started creating content that tells their brand story by sharing YouTube videos with customers via email and on social media. “The feedback has been extraordinary,” Nye says. “If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 10,000. Our videos brought us to life and featured our company in a genuine, positive way.” [Videos]

They are achieving nearly $1 million annual sales growth, thanks in part to the Internet. They have also expanded their customer base to nearly 500 businesses, with 24% of new customers coming from the Internet. “Our steady business growth shows the importance of web-based marketing,” Nye says. “It’s a trend we’re just starting to capitalize on. We’re learning about how Google tools can take us to the next level.” Still, they remain a “made in New Hampshire” company at heart and invest in their local community through supporting charities and creating seasonal jobs. They are also committed to being an environmentally-friendly company by reducing their carbon footprint, removing harmful chemicals from their workplace, and installing solar panels on their building. Amherst Label is one of only 19 companies in North America to receive the LIFE® certification from TLMI, the professional association for tag and label manufacturers and suppliers. The certification recognizes their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing—a label that they’re very proud of.

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