Avast me hearties, all hands hoy! International “Talk Like a Pirate” Day is on the horizon and Amherst Label is ready to help you learn Pirate Talk.

PirateCardIContactArggh… Ahoy and avast me hearties. All hands hoy. Black spot ahead? Fly the Jolly Roger and shinny up the crows nest for booty galore and a duffel full of bounty. Aye, maties. Tell others back ye scurvy dogs. Blimey!

Signal back right away and we’ll get our custom Talk-Like-A-Pirate kit to you straight away in time to practice your “Arrrgh.”

Included in the kit is a wallet card with frequently used phrases of everyday conversational Pirate Talk (shown at left).

Custom labels we call “Black Beard’s Black Boards” are tucked in with the treasure. There are three labels that work like real chalk boards you can use to practice your Pirate or share expressions around the workplace, plus one larger blackboard label. Stick it anywhere and use it like a chalkboard. “Avast ye!”

Back ye scurvy dogs! Don’t let anyone run off with your treasure. Request a kit for a co-worker too!

Amherst Label prints dozens of kinds of specialty items, including blackboard surface labels. Let us apply ourselves to your label challenges. We’re the old salts who heave ho!





Ahoy Andy! Black Beard’s Black Boards are pouring off the press.

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