FansAL_LabelOpen_me In August, our ambassador AL put on his shades and became a “true blue fan” in our customer appreciation “FAN MAIL.”

The envelopes for the mailing featured a large label which read:

FAN-tastic. Enjoying the sunshine, gardens, beach, ball games, barbecues. Bring it on! Because around the corner is September which opens the door to… well, never mind. Back to summer. Sit back, fan yourself and relax. Let us take care of any label, tag or specialty printing you may need. Everything is better with A LABEL. Even summer.

AL, our very special agent representing Amherst Label, was originally drawn with sun glasses by 13-year-old, fourth generation family member Thomas Hornor so it was fitting to feature that version on the fans.

For more information about our “bumpy mail” communication program and how it could work for you, email AL@AmherstLabelcom.



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