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A new symbol of the label people and our high-quality products: Visually interesting and technically excellent.

First there was AL…

This spring AL was born. AL expresses things about Amherst Label we want everyone to know and helps us communicate. Now we are introducing a new logo look which continues the “Amherst Label People” theme AL represents.

ALforFBwWhy a new logo?

The Amherst Label “star A” looked fresh and artsy when it was first designed and has been updated with type and color changes. But let’s face it, when you get 25 years from a logo, it has lasted longer than ever expected!

Our “Painted Picture” three-year strategic plan charted a course for Amherst Label guiding us to present ourselves as “on top of our game.” As printers, we agree that everything we produce should be “visually interesting” and technically excellent. The concept of Amherst Label as “the label people” has been around for a long time and AL brought it to life. You’ll notice AL wears a stylized star badge that reflects the shape of the star A. With this symbol of the past, we preserve the enduring traditions of the company. The Amherst Label marketing team has been refining and revising the concept of label people to represent the company proudly. Here is the result of our efforts….

Symbols, colors, meaning






The first thing you will notice is the big A for Amherst Label and the label person shaped like AL. And we hope you like the appealing flip! The red and blue are the current corporate colors; the green is a fresh, new, New Hampshire color.

INyeLicensePlateWf you’re wondering why some letters are blue and some are red, it’s a way to emphasize an emerging theme: “Everything is better with A LABEL.”

The idea originated with our vice-president, Nye Hornor’s license plate, pictured here, and is a (slight) pun. A LABEL is short for Amherst Label.

We are looking forward to illuminating this symbol over the entrance to our building in Milford, NH. We also expect to have shirts for our employees in the near future. But as you might guess, the first thing we did was print labels! We have small, business-card size labels and large emblem-size labels which we used to test the logo at a company outing. They were almost as popular as the cheeseburgers.

As we roll out this branding package, we welcome your feedback.

Our in-house graphic designers in Art and Marketing worked to develop this symbol which went through reviews by our Marketing team. We used the standard criteria of a good logo taught in graphic design classes at Keene State College and elsewhere.

1) Is it too abstract for the intended audience?

2) Is it bold enough to stand out?

3) Does it make a positive impression?

4) Does it move up and to the right?

5) Is it appropriate?

6) Does it come together as a tight unit?

7) Is it unique, creative and interesting?

8) Does it have a good figure/ground relationship?

9) Does it have trapped white space?

10) Will it reproduce in just black and white?

11. Can it be reproduced at 1/2 inch?

12) Is it easily recognized and recalled?

The Marketing team includes our owner, Nick Calvetti, Pres. Nye Hornor, Special Projects Manager Angela Hornor, Sales Manager Dawn Mahoney, Artist Ruth Dichard and Marketing Manager (Graphic Designer) Ruth Sterllng. Everyone’s best thinking combined to create a symbol we’re all happy to salute.

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