Holiday Message and Free “Proudly produced in America” Custom Labels

In celebration of Independence Day, we invite you to click and watch our video greeting card.

LabelforiContactThe script for our holiday message is a graphic reproduction of the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence.

Proudly Produced in America Label

At the bottom of the “purple mountains majesty” image is a beautiful custom label which is available by request, free, while supplies last. The free “Proudly produced in America” labels were created for an Amherst Label summer email promotion. The first 20+ respondents request and receive 500 of the custom labels.

The Holiday Message

On Wednesday, June 24, at 11:45am, ten members of the Amherst Label family gathered around a table and each read a line of the Declaration of Independence. Tiana Vander-Haden took pictures of the recording. And Angela Hornor went around afterward and shot photos of people and things around the plant. She started with a video of the flag flying in front of the building, waiting patiently for the wind to open the flag to full grandeur. Angie also noticed red, white and blue labels produced here and greeted people in the halls and at their work stations. While marketing compiled the audio and video, Angela found a royalty-free rendition of “America the Beautiful” performed by the US Navy Band which was laid in as the background soundtrack. The result was a brief, 1:45 message from the Amherst Label family. Three cheers!



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